Developing partnerships

Linking languages and business

Developing Scotland's young workforce through languages - Toolkit

Our Toolkit provides teachers with steps towards building partnerships with local businesses as well as accessing local support through DYW. Partnerships could include:

  • careers fairs
  • promotional talks
  • a learning project with a local business

The toolkit is supported by a series of films looking at languages in a range of careers.

Case studies

Our Business Language Champions series of Case Studies showcases partnerships with schools and local businesses in action. 

British Council opportunities

Schools Online

Schools Online is British Council's main partner finding tool and the ideal starting place for schools seeking a partner overseas. 

Support for developing partnerships

E-twinning supports schools across Europe to collaborate online

E-Twinning: Transforming Teaching and Learning film that illustrates how eTwinning can transform classroom practice. 

Connecting classrooms supports schools internationally to learn about and collaborate on the big issues that shape our world.

International recognition

ISA – International School Award

Language Assistants 


For schools and local authorities:


Connecting Classrooms 

Teaching Resources

Commonwealth class 

Classroom resources on Schools Online

UK-German Connection

For schools
Funding programmes

Grants are available for activities between partner schools, including:

  • planning visits for teachers
  • first-time trips for pupils
  • joint thematic projects, including flexible grants for projects on WWI and the UK’s future in Europe
Support for school and youth partnerships

Practical advice and support for setting up or reviving UK-German school partnerships, including help with finding a partner school, developing projects and planning visits, as well as other school partnership initiatives.

For young people
Programmes for pupils of German

Part- and fully-funded language and culture courses in Germany for upper secondary pupils. They are a fantastic opportunity for pupils to get first-hand experience of German life and culture and improve their German language skills at the same time.

Networks, seminars and youth initiatives

Bilateral networks of young people engaging in UK-German projects, which aim to increase interest in and motivation for the language and culture of Germany and the UK.

UK-German Connection runs regular seminars on different themes, alumni events and youth initiatives. 

For teachers
Host a teacher from Germany

Hosting a teacher from Germany for two or three weeks is free and flexible. It offers schools the chance for some authentic German cultural input and supports language teaching at the same time.

Summer course group leaders

Paid CPD opportunities for teachers to act as group leaders on the German Pupil Courses.

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