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The following are a selection of interviews, articles and publications offering information and advice to those thinking of heading abroad.

Learning a language: mission possible! (Relocate Global magazine, 22 September 2016). Mastering a foreign language can seem complex and time-consuming, but a little regular practice can reap big rewards. Jade Huffman, Lori Fenneken and Renee Paczkowski, of Global LT, share their tips. The magazine also contains information and support for global mobility.

Brexit and Modern Languages (Oxford University blog, 26 June 2016) Following the news that Britain has voted to leave the European Union. What does it mean for Modern Languages as a subject, and for you as someone who may be considering studying a language at university?

Articles and blogs

Erasmus Plus work placement in Seville (Rey Europe, 10 April 2018) Shahbaz Fazal had never travelled abroad before he undertook a 4 week Erasmus Plus work placement in Seville, whilst studying for his Level 3 Carpentry Course at Leicester College. He describes it as an amazing experience which enhanced many of the skills he was taught on his course and led to learning some Spanish along the way.

A year in review (British Council Language Assistants, 3 October 2017) One student reflects upon his year abroad teaching in Lille, France and says his language skills are by far the most easily identified changes since the year abroad ended.

Showcasing design work at world famous Louis Vuitton as a result of Erasmus+ (Erasmus+, 26 September 2017) Architecture student, Joseph Royle, never thought the language skills he would develop during his Erasmus+ placement abroad would lead to exhibiting in one of the world’s leading fashion houses.

Life after Brasenose with a German and Russian degree (University of Oxford student blog, 11 August 2017) One student shares her experiences after leaving university and says the Year Abroad is what makes any degree in Modern Languages stand out.

Parlez-vous franglais? (Swansea University student blog, 12 June 2017) One student completing their année à l’étranger writes about career plans, skills and employment. Some of you may be wondering why this is relevant to you, how it ties in with the French class you’re sitting in, and why you even need to be thinking about it when some of you haven’t picked your GCSEs yet! The truth is that there are almost no limits to what you can do with a license de langues.

Going International: why studying abroad matters (Universities Scotland blog, 24 May 2017) Anna Bradshaw is a Policy Officer in the International team at Universities Scotland. She is in a joint role, also working at British Council Scotland. After attending Go International, Anna blogged on the importance of studying abroad.

China: a crash course in personal development (British Council Voices blog, 17 February 2017) Kate Woodruff, who is taking part in the British Council's English Language Assistant programme, tells how moving to China has been a confidence-booster, particularly picking up the language and the satisfaction in being able to communicate.

Want to study abroad? Here’s why I went Danish and you should too (iNews, 15 February 2017) Studying abroad brings many advantages, but few people opt for Denmark. Lizzie Roberts explains why it worked for her, and what the British education system could learn.

A little language can go a long way! You don’t have to be fluent, but the ability to hold a conversation and appreciate another culture is of real business value in the workplace.

Culture at work: the value of intercultural skills in the workplace (British Council, 2013)

How can more UK students be encouraged to study abroad?

The UK doesn’t send out nearly as many students abroad as it welcomes. How can the UK encourage its students to travel further afield to study? Zainab Malik explains the British Council's latest (June 2015) research on the subject. In the British Council's Broadening Horizons report (published June 2015), nearly 7,500 UK and US students were surveyed to understand their motivations for and apprehensions towards overseas study.

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