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Where is Aye-Aye? e-book

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Join the other animals of Madagascar as they try to find their friend.

On the journey you'll meet Lulu the Zebu, Emile the crocodile, Manon the chameleon, Balthasar the lizard and Vincent the snake.

But will you meet Aye-aye?

Download the script of the Where is Aye-Aye? story in French with English translation.

PDF: Where is Aye-Aye? script and translation (39 KB)

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The Expressive Arts challenge takes learners through a series of drama workshops based on the story of the missing Aye-Aye  to develop skills in confidence building, self-awareness  group discussions and self-reflection.

Using search engines and software packages learners will work through the Technologies challenge by researching and mapping out the journeys various food types take in Madagascar.  

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