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Links between languages

France and French culture

  • Twenty facts about France

    From tourism to the TGV, from the Tour De France to Bastille Day: find out more about France and create a tourist brochure for Scotland.

  • The first restaurant

    Discover how and when the French invented the first restaurant.

Scots and French

  • The Auld Alliance

    Learn more about the centuries-old links between Scotland and France with this video and recording and challenges.

  • Flyting contest game

    Illustration of a heart with text written in Scots as hert

    Take part in a flyting contest game where you can insult and amuse your friends with braw Scots words.

Ancient mouments

From the Sphinx and pyramids in Egypt to a rocky tomb in Scotland, people have long been fascinated with the evidence of past civilisations.

Language and words

  • Accents and apostrophes

    Find out about the French 'l’accent circonflexe' which is used to show that a letter is missing. Then learn more about the English apostrophe.

  • How places get their names

    Why are there French placenames in English-speaking countries? It's all in the history...

  • Words with a story

    Why does English have different words for animals and food, like cows and beef? And what does it have to do with French?

  • Advertising healthy foods

    A French family became very rich from selling people products to make them feel good about themselves. Try creating adverts for healthy food.