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Madagascar across the curriculum

Getting started

Ideas for studying Madagascar which could be used to support learning outcomes in a variety of curriculum areas.

Expressive arts

Focusing on drama, this series of activities will challenge learners to develop key skills in building confidence, group discussion and self-reflection.

Religious and moral education

Explore Malagasy mythology and the story about how the world was created to discover ancient beliefs from Madagascar.

Social studies

Explore and develop an understanding of Madagascar's environment by studying the aye-aye, an animal which is only found here.


Explore Carroll diagrams, Venn diagrams and bar graphs through a series of mathematical challenges.


Focusing on the effects of climate change and biodiversity, learners can study the flora and fauna of Madagascar and compare these with the plants and animals in Scotland.


Using ICT learners will have the opportunity to research food journeys of various types of food in Madagascar and compare to Scottish crops.