National Poetry Day

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    National Poetry Day is a nationwide celebration of poetry usually held on the first Thursday in October. This year's National Poetry Day takes place on Thursday 3 October 2019 and the theme is 'Truth'. 

    You may wish to link this theme into the multilingual 'Mother Tongue Other Tongue' poetry competition. In 2018 we created a poem on the National Poetry Day theme of 'Change', whilst in 2016 we produced a poem to link in with the theme of 'Messages' to help inspire students to celebrate the day, get creative and enter the contest. We've sourced some links to further websites also celebrating National Poetry Day to help you get started on the Resources section of our MTOT website. Follow the poetry resources link and check the generic resources tab.

    photo of snowballs'Change'

    Une boule de neige

    Fraîche et ronde

    Sous le soleil

    Peu après

    Une flaque


    A triolet poem is made up of 8 lines with a fixed rhythmical form of repeated lines. The sequence being AB, aA, ab, AB

    Le Message

    Messages poem in French

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