John Swift

John is in Spain with British Council. He is linked with Granton Primary and Ferryhill Primary in Edinburgh.

John in Gijón: Week 2


I hope everyone is doing well at Granton Primary and Ferryhill Primary and that you are all enjoying this year at school. I have been here in Gijón now for two and a half weeks and I am absolutely loving it. The weather has been so nice - completely different to Glasgow! The people here are so friendly and welcoming and they have really helped me and made sure that I have settled in. I am still really missing Scotland and the fact that I can't see my family or my friends whenever I want to is difficult to get used to. However, I know this is such a great opportunity that I have to make the most of it! 

It was only when I first got here to Gijón and I was walking to my flat that it really hit me what was happening! I am going to be here for months - it's a new life, a job, the chance to meet new people and do loads of cool new things! I feel so lucky! Thankfully, I have met a group of other assistants who come from all over the world. From New Zealand, Canada, the United States and so on. I am also living with two other boys who are from Spain and they don't speak a word of English which means I will be able to practice my Spanish all the time!

Living in Spain does take a bit of getting used to. The culture is so different! Whereas back home everybody rushes to work and school and tries to get things done as quickly as possible, the people here are completely laid-back and they tend to go with the flow. In Spain, the most important meal of the day is lunch. Many shops close at lunchtime and re-open later in the day and there are schools which give their pupils 2 and a half hours of lunchtime! After eating, many Spanish people have a nap or rest which they call a 'siesta'. The food in Spain is also very different to what we eat in Scotland. It is definitely far healthier than our diet. Spanish people eat lots of fruit, vegetables, bread and seafood and since I have been here I have hardly seen anything greasy or deep-fried! In one class, we spoke about the traditional food in Asturias and we looked at 'fabada'. Fabada is an Asturian stew made up of beans (fabes), chorizo and black pudding (morcilla) and lots of restaurant have their own version. It's really delicious and it warms you up; it will be great to have once the Winter is here! 

Well I hope you all enjoyed learning just a little bit about how I have settled in and the differences between Scotland and Spain that I have seen. I will keep you updated and will post another blog soon! 

Thank you, 

John! :)

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John in Gijón: Week 2 John in Gijón: Week 2 John in Gijón: Week 2

John in Gijón

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