Rozenn Ansquer

Rozenn is in France on her year abroad from University of Dundee. She is linked with St Pius X Primary School in Dundee.

Le Printemps!

Bonjour primary 6 I hope you are all doing well back in Dundee. The past few weeks have really flown by with lots happening, the sun is out shining and I am really enjoying my time in France, even though it will be coming to an end very soon I feel very lucky to have been allowed to experience this adventure! I will catch you up on a few little things that have happened since I was last in touch...

Bon Anniversaire!

Le mois de Mars et c’était mon anniversaire!
Le 21 de Mars, la date de mon anniversaire
Je suis 22 ans et je suis passée la fête de mon anniversaire à Grenoble.
My first birthday spent here in Grenoble was very special and one I will never forget. I have never spent my birthday in France before! Apart from spending the day at university I celebrated the French way! My friend surprised me with my very own birthday party table with hats, balloons and banners! There was singing of course, can you sing the song in French?

Joyeux anniversaire,
Joyeux anniversaire,
Joyeux anniversaire….
A Rozenn… Joyeux anniversaire!

Then I had my favourite of all a cafe gourmand with a special candle to mark my day it was time to blow away, make a wish! I was also very lucky and received lots of birthday cards from my family and friends in the post to make my day extra special!
I have written down some birthday phrases can you work them out?

Une bougie
Un gâteau
Cartes d’anniversaire
Fête de l’anniversaire
Fêter un anniversaire
Quel âge-as-tu ?
Un cadeau d’anniversaire

Quelle est votre date d'anniversaire ?


Le printemps est arrivé!

Il fait du soleil tous les jours! Now that spring has arrived all of the flowers have blossomed, the trees are bright green and the sun is shining every day!
I’ve but together some words describing the weather just now in Grenoble…

Le printemps
La fleur
Il fait très beau
Le soleil
Les arbres

Quel est votre saison préférée ?
Le printemps
Ma saison préférée c’est l’été parce que j’aime le soleil !

Surprise…. Dundee!

Une journée très spéciale… Le 3 avril! My best friend's birthday surprise!
Just the other week I planned a surprise trip home as it was my best friend’s birthday, I just couldn't miss the celebrations! I travelled home by plane and spent just a few days back home, it was amazing and my friend was very surprised to see me! I managed to catch up with my family and luckily the sun was shining we took trips to the beach, laughed lots and had a wonderful time! It was just what the kind of small break I needed!

La famille à Grenoble

Just recently my family travelled over to visit me, it was their first time being in Grenoble so it was really great getting to show them around all my favourite places. We went walking in the mountains, took a trip to the local market in the town centre, ate a lot of baguettes, croissants and most importantly le fromage!

Here is some phrases about my family, can you work them out?

Ma mère s'appelle Sandra, elle a 52 ans. Elle est professeur.
Mon père s'appelle Erwan, il a 53 ans. Il est professeur.
J'ai une petite sœur, elle s'appelle Morvenn, elle habite avec mes parents à Dundee. Elle a 18 ans.

La famille
Les parents
La mère
Le père
Les grands-parents
La grand-mère
Le grand-père
Les petits-enfants
Ma petite sœur
La tante
La cousine/le cousin

Avez-vous des frères ou des sœurs ?

Pâques en France!

This weekend it will the the begining of the Easter holiday’s for one week!
'La fête de Pâques,'
'Joyeuses Pâques'
The Easter holidays are also called – Les vacances de printemps I have started to see the Easter eggs making their way into the shop windows and can tell the Easter celebrations will be big in Grenoble! Here is some Easter traditions in France I have learned...

Les traditions de Pâques -
Pâques is the most important holiday in France, a religious one and also a traditional gathering for families. Egg hunting and usually cooking a large meal, commonly lamb to represent the spring time.
The Catholic tradition is that the church bells don't ring between Good Friday and Easter Sunday to commemorate the death of Christ and his resurrection.
In the old days, the chocolate eggs we hunt for today used to be real eggs, boiled and then decorated by children.
Easter meal in France is traditionally 'l'aigneau pascal' as the lamb symbolises new life which happens in spring time, the table is usually very lively, with pots of daisies and other spring flowers around. Many people will also use Easter eggs to decorate their dinner table.

Vendredi Saint
La Semaine Sainte
Le lundi de Pâques
La chasse aux œufs
Les cloches de Pâques
Un poussin
Un coq
Une poule
Des œufs aux chocolats
Le chocolat blanc, noir au lait
Un lapin
Un agneau

Qu'est-ce que vous faites pour Pâques ?

I will be in touch again soon and I wish you all a joyeuses Pâques!

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