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Jennifer is in Chile with Project Trust. She is linked with Sciennes Primary in Edinburgh.


¡Hola Clase!

I want to tell you a little bit about transport in Chile today, and answer one of your questions!

In Santiago, the capital of Chile where I live, there is a metro system, much like the underground in London. You have to have a Bip! card, that you can top up and scan to pay for your trip. And it costs the same amount no matter how far you go, which is great when you're going long distances, but can seem a little expensive if you're not travelling that far. 

The metro is very clean and effecient, so you always know when the next one will come. However, el bus is a little less so. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, there will be a bus straight away! But I have also had to wait over 30 minutes for one to arrive! There's no timetable so you just have to cross your fingers!

Your question was: How long would it take to travel all the way down Chile by different means of transport, so here is the answer! It was very difficult to find out so these aren't exact numbers, but they should be quite close!

bus: 110 hours

pie: 1000+ hours! (That's if you can jump over all the islands in the south!)

auto: 93 hours

avión: 6 hours (This is an estimate based on the length of my flight to Chile)

barco: 30 hours (at top speed!)

Can you guess what the different transport words are? They are very similar to French so quite easy to learn!

bus= bus

pie= foot

auto= car (in Chile, other places will say el coche)

avión= plane

barco= boat

Talk to you next time!

¡Hola Clase!

¡Hola Clase!I hope you all had a great summer! I arrived in Chile on the 27th of August, and been so busy since I haven't had a chance until now ...


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