Bethany Lambie

Bethany is in Spain on her year abroad from University of Stirling. She is linked with Prestwick Academy in South Ayrshire.

The journey to my new host country, España ! <3

To my dearest Spanish learners, I have finally set off to Spain and the journey in itself was an incredible adventure - a real roller-coaster of emotions. I was so nervous and yet incredibly excited to discover the place where I will live for the next nine months and anxious to adopt a brand new lifestyle (one that was certainly going to be very different from my life in Scotland). In the airport, I must have been the most nervous traveller - but nerves are completely normal when embarking on something new. It is a sign of great accomplishments and achievements to come, as it is necessary to go through challenges to be rewarded in the end. Heather (your very own class mascot from Prestwick) took up half of my suitcase with her belongings alone. Can you guess what she brought with her ? Well, she brought many many things (leading to excess baggage) but let's try to learn the items in Spanish, shall we ? 

¡Vámanos! ¿Qué había en su maleta/ equipaje? (What was in her suitcase?)

- Unas camisetas de verano (some summer t-shirts because in Sevilla, it is hot all year round with temperatures generally ranging from 17*C to 35*C, but in the Summer the heat can go up to 50*C!)
- Una cámara para tomar fotos (a camera of course)
- Gafas de sol para sus ojos (sunglasses for her eyes)
- La crema solar (very important for us Scots to protect ourselves from sunburn when it gets too hot- para proteger su piel sin quemar en el sol). Do you guys know how to say ’to tan’ ? We say ’broncear’ or 'tomar el sol’ (literally 'to take the sun’) 
- Recuerdos de Escocia (some souvenirs from Scotland to avoid feeling homesick - in Spain if you wanted to tell someone that you are feeling homesick you would say 'me siento un poco nostálgico por mi país'- which is bound to happen but is never a good reason to stay sad because new adventures are amazing and worthwhile !

 I equally asked my mum to come with me for the first few days in Sevilla, to settle down with a familiar face by my side and we had an amazing time acting like tourists and exploring the most beautiful monuments. Our first stop was necessarily the Plaza de España which many of you will know featured in the film Star Wars II when the characters are in Planet Naboo. It is such a beautiful square with ceramic tiles of many colours, beautiful blue and white mosaics and a huge big lake of turquoise water that goes through it - where you can enjoy a lovely boat ride or a romantic getaway for those who are in love. Each pavilion of the building represents a different region of Spain (that way you could tell your friends that you walked through the entire Spanish mainland, just by walking through the square- even though it is kind of cheating :D). You can equally rent a carriage pulled by a horse there in order to remain seated whilst discovering such an impressive location and act like royalty. In Sevilla, people love travelling by horse carriage as it is a traditional means of transport and showcases Andalusian culture. Please look at the photos that I have sent you to tell me if you find it as beautiful as I did ! I cannot wait to share some more important moments with you and will make sure to bring you all with me on this incredible experience as you were all so lovely and interested when I saw you in class. ¡Hasta luego! Nos veremos pronto. 

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The journey to my new host country, España ! <3 The journey to my new host country, España ! <3 The journey to my new host country, España ! <3 The journey to my new host country, España ! <3

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