Taking languages further - why it matters

The team at SCILT have prepared some materials, ideas and suggestions to resource you to encourage uptake in your school. These have been organised by learner stage and information is provided on the type of activity they support.

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All stages

Designed by learners, these promotional bookmarks will show pupils why learning languages is beneficial:

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S1 - S6

Job profiles (SCILT resource) - Languages help a range of people every day in their careers and personal lives. Each profile shows how languages help in different areas of employment.

Language Horizons (SCILT resource) The Scottish actor, Atta Yaqub, famous for his role in 'Ae Fond Kiss', tells us why languages mean so much to him and how they have helped him in his acting career.

Take on a Language! (NICILT resource) Animated video on YouTube to encourage pupils to choose languages when making subject choices.

700 Reasons to study languages - LLAS compied a list of 700 reasons to study a foreign language under headings such as academic skills, citizenship, diversity and more!

Why study languages - LLAS, in conjunction with Routes into Languages, website designed to excite, educate and encourage young people to continue with their language learning.

Recommendation 16 states:
"that schools provide all young people with flexible opportunities and encouragement to study more than one modern language to the level of a National Qualification Unit or course in the senior phase, whether in their own school or through cluster arrangements with other schools."
In considering options for certificate work pupils should have the necessary information to help them recognise the value of language skills for their future development and life chances. Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 approach
  • Making the case
  • Encouraging uptake
  • Case studies
  • Beyond school
  • SCILT resources

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