Essentials for planning in the Senior Phase

The Scottish Government’s policy, Language learning in Scotland: a 1+2 approach (Scottish Government, May 2012), is aimed at ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn a modern language from P1 onwards. Additionally, each child should have the right to learn a second modern language from P5 onwards. The policy should be fully implemented across the country by 2020.

The following documents are relevant to the 1+2 policy in Senior Phase:

L3 audit tools for use in primary and secondary contexts

Education Scotland, (July 2016)

​These tools are aimed at primary and secondary practitioners and will help practitioners to gauge whether their proposals fulfil the criteria to provide a suitable L3 experience.

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A 1+2 approach to language learning - Further guidance on L3 within the 1+2 policy

Education Scotland, Education Scotland (August 2017 (updated))

This document provides guidance on the second additional language (L3) to be introduced by P5 by the latest, as a key element of the 1+2 policy. Learning a further language will give additional opportunities to build on children’s literacy skills so that they develop a greater understanding of how language works.

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Language Learning in Scotland: a 1+2 Approach - Working within the recommendations

Education Scotland, Education Scotland (July 2014)

1+2 clarification and recommendations for schools and EAs. July 2014 update.

Improving uptake in modern languages in the senior phase: Case studies and conversation day

Education Scotland, Education Scotland (June 2014)

Education Scotland has grouped together a number of case studies, identifying the key features common to modern languages departments, where languages are continuing to flourish beyond the Broad General Education (BGE). These highlight a variety of approaches to encourage uptake in the senior phase.

In order to support schools and key languages staff across local authorities in increasing uptake for languages post Broad General Education (BGE), various leaders of languages in this sector were invited to an Education Scotland conversation day to share their expertise on how they have managed to increase uptake in their departments, and maintain a positive trend. Their experiences have been brought together to produce this video resource which provides ideas for languages departments on increasing uptake, motivation and attainment amongst their learners.

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To access all documents, recommendations and resources relating to the 1+2 policy, visit the 1+2 section of the SCILT website.
The following resources aim to support planning for languages in Senior Phase.
  • SQA Qualifications
  • 1+2 guidance
  • CfE
  • Case Studies
  • Further reading

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