Essentials for Planning in S1-S3


The Benchmarks in modern languages provide clarity on the national standards expected from first to fourth curricular level. They draw together and streamline a wide range of previous assessment guidance (including significant aspects of learning, progression frameworks and annotated exemplars) into one key resource to support teachers’ and other practitioners’ professional judgement of children’s and young people’s progress. The Benchmarks will also support consistency in teachers’ professional judgements and will help teachers to ensure that young people achieve the pace of progress they need right across the Broad General Education. The Benchmarks can be accessed on Education Scotland's National Improvement Hub along with Benchmarks exemplification to support practitioners to use the Benchmarks.

Modern Languages in the Broad General Education

Modern Languages are within the Languages area of the curriculum.

Essential reading for Modern Language practitioners can be found on the Curriculum for Excellence - Modern Languages pages from Education Scotland. 

You can also download SCILT's Experiences and Outcomes foldout leaflet for Modern Languages (2015). 

Further information on the Languages area of the curriculum can be found on Curriculum for Excellence - Languages.

International Education

Curriculum for Excellence specifically refers to young people 'developing a knowledge and understanding of the world and Scotland’s place in it'.

  • Learners International is an online resource designed by Education Scotland and British Council Scotland to support schools in their journey of continuous improvement in learning through partnerships with educational establishments in other countries.
  • HMIE published Learning Together: International education - responsible, global citizens (2010) as part of the Learning Together series, which aims to support schools and centres as they implement Curriculum for Excellence. It aims to help teachers reflect on and improve their practice in international education. Inspectors have visited a number of schools and centres, and worked with a wide range of practitioners and stakeholders to develop this resource.
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