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Summer 2019

The latest edition of the SCILT newsletter has been published. We hear from local authorities about successul language learning initiatives, including partnerships with businesses, cultural trips and creativity in the classroom. Our partners share their latest news on work going on around the country, and you can read all about recent SCILT projects supporting teachers and learners. 
Past issues of the newsletter:
Winter 2018 In this issue you can read about how European Day of Languages was celebrated across the country. Local authorities share their stories on how language learning and cultural understanding is being promoted in schools, including international links, interdisciplinary projects, and pupil-led lessons. You can also find out about SCILT's latest work to support teachers, and hear from our partners about their successful initiatives to encourage partnership working in a languages context.
Summer 2018 Read about SCILT’s latest efforts to celebrate and promote languages, including promoting skills for work, parental engagement and cross-sector working.  There are some inspiring stories from local authorities as well as an opportunity to find out more about the work our partners have been doing to support language learning in Scotland.
Winter 2017 Read how schools have developed partnerships locally and across Europe, and the impact this has had on learning and teaching. Find out how European Day of Languages was celebrated, about Spanish at the zoo and about SCILT's own work to celebrate and promote languages, including Word Wizard, our Business Brunches and Language Linking Global Thinking.
Summer 2017 Features stories from across the country on how partnership working across sectors and with external partners, including business and the wider community, is enhancing language learning for all our young people. You will also be able to find out more about some innovative, replicable projects, including a French trail in the local community and using Google Expedition in the language classroom.
Winter 2016 Read about how European Day of Languages was celebrated across the country. You will find many inspiring ways languages have been promoted across all sectors, including partnerships with local businesses, creation of comic books, Language Ambassador partnerships between primary and secondary and mentoring schemes. You will also be able to read about the successful initiatives run by our partners to give our learners many opportunities to enjoy and celebrate language learning.
Summer 2016 SCILT have been promoting and celebrating language learning with our successful MTOT competition and Business Brunch events. Scottish schools have had success at a national level with BASLA award winners and EU Mock Council participants. And there are many inspiring local initiatives ensuring languages continue to thrive across the country.
Winter 2015-16 Find out how languages have been marked and celebrated by Scottish schools, including in our Word Wizard and MTOT competitions. There are reports on BASLA successes and on the forthcoming Language Show Live Scotland. As ever, news from local authorities and cultural organisations demonstrates the great work being done to promote languages to Scottish young people.
Summer 2015 This edition looks at how schools have been working with different partners to promote language learning, including how SCILT has been supporting these partnerships. There is the opportunity to read about SCILT's Business Breakfasts and Mother Tongue Other Tongue competition. Finally, there is an article on language learning at Corseford School.
Winter 2014 This edition includes stories about how European Day of Languages 2014 was celebrated across Scotland. You can also read about how SCILT and our partners have been supporting the work being done in schools across Scotland to implement 1+2 and the new qualifications. We hope you enjoy reading about the great work being done in our schools to promote and celebrate languages.
Summer 2014 Find out more about how SCILT have been supporting schools over the last term through our CLPL programme, promotional events and our 'Business Language Champions' scheme. This issue also introduces our forthcoming project, 'Language linking, global thinking'. As always, our newsletter is jam-packed full of stories of how schools and other organisations across Scotland have been promoting and celebrating languages!
Spring 2014 In this edition we announce the launch of our new Word Wizard spelling competition, and report back on the success of Scotland’s first Modern Languages Spelling Bee. We hear how schools celebrated the European Day of Languages in 2013, and find out about some of the great projects local authorities are running to promote languages in their schools. Our partner cultural organisations keep us up to date with their activites, and the SCILT staff tell us about some of the work they have been doing with schools across the country.
Spring 2013  Find out how SCILT have been supporting ML teachers over the last term and read about Scotland's first Modern Languages Spelling Bee – an exciting new initiative organised by SCILT, the final will be held in the Scottish Parliament on 31st May! As always, the newsletter is full of inspiring stories from local authorities and the cultural organisations on how languages are being promoted and celebrated across Scotland. 
November 2012 This edition includes stories on language activities and events from schools across Scotland, including how schools celebrated this year's European Day of Languages. SCILT updates readers on the pilot schools and the 1+2 languages agenda. There are also details on SCILT's new website and the brand new competition we are running this year - the Spelling Bee! As ever, readers will be interested to read about the great work of our partners in promoting languages in Scotland, including a fabulous new website from Education Scotland supporting languages in the primary school.

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