Languages for all

image of National Improvement Framework publication cover

We need Scottish education to deliver both excellence in terms of
ensuring children and young people acquire a broad range of skills
and capacities at the highest levels, whilst also delivering equity so
that every child and young person should thrive and have the best
opportunity to succeed regardless of their social circumstances or
additional needs.

National Improvement Framework for Scottish Education
- achieving excellence and equity
(Scottish Government, 2016, p3)


Applicable to learning languages as much as any other area of the curriculum, SCILT wholeheartedly endorses the vision outlined by the Scottish Government in the National Improvement Framework.

The 'Languages for all webpages' will provide parents, teachers and learners with information and guidance that is underpinned by the inclusive principles enshrined in the National Framework for Inclusion and in Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) and The Interventions for Equity.

  • Professional learning
  • Current practice and case studies
  • Teaching resources
  • Literature and research
  • Advice and support

Short Life Working Group

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Established at the end of the last academic session, with a view to undertaking a range of work to support the development of inclusive practice in language teaching and to align with key priorities in Scottish education aimed at raising attainment for all.

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