We are working towards the education system as a whole viewing this as an approach which is part of the fabric of education, able to be readily deployed within Curriculum for Excellence and a real advantage to the country. I’m very keen to make sure that our education system sees this as a core opportunity, embraces that and takes it forward as a core part of our curriculum.
(Interview with Deputy First Minister, February 2017)
The Working Group recommends that Scottish Government set up an Implementation Group charged with developing an Engagement Strategy to deliver the 1+2 languages commitment. (Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach, p35)
Modern Languages lend themselves naturally to cross-curricular activities and have a unique contribution to make to both International Education and to Literacy. (Modern Languages Excellence Report, p23)
  • ADES mid-way review
  • 1+2 pilot projects
  • Plans and materials

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