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The Working Group recommends that language learning be recognised as an entitlement for all young people through to the end of their broad general education, S1 to S3. (Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach, p20)
Schools have to ensure that Modern Languages remain part of the broad general education, through supportive timetabling which allows all pupils to have the opportunity to experience the modern languages experiences and outcomes at the third level. To do this, most learners will need a solid base and appropriate gradient of progression from P6 (at the latest) to the end of S3. (Modern Languages Excellence Report, p23)
I’d like to see young people able to essentially walk their way through language learning and for that to be very much a part of their broad general education. Curriculum for Excellence was constructed in a way to give young people the broadest, roundest education they could possibly have. That’s been the subject of international commendation. Language learning is at the heart of that.
(Interview with Deputy First Minister, February 2017)
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