Essentials for Planning in Primary

Plans and materials from the the pilot primary schools

Following on from recommendations made in 'A 1+2 Approach to Language Learning', the first of the primary pilots began in November 2012. Plans and materials used by four of the pilot primary schools during their projects are now available. All of these resources are downloadable and can be used and adapted as necessary.

Access the plans and further materials from the primary pilots.

More information on all the pilot projects, including evaluation reports from Education Scotland, is available from the Implementation page.

Resources and videos from Education Scotland

Planning and guidance documents, film clips and audio files to support the teaching of primary languages have been collected into two main resources. The online resource on the Education Scotland relates to first steps in primary languages while the resource on the National Improvement Hub concentrates on progression in primary language learning. 

The Education Scotland resource includes vocabulary lists of simple, useful classroom language with associated audio files, guidance on progression in grammar and knowledge about learning, interdisciplinary learning maps illustrating possibilities for contextualised language learning for pupils. Film clips of language learning in action with early years and beginner language learners are available.

The National Improvement Hub resource includes guidance documents and reflective questions related to progression in primary languages. This resource also includes interdisciplinary learning maps and film clips of language learning in action as well as short teacher interviews.

Other resources recently developed to support primary language learning:

The following resources aim to support planning for languages in the Primary School:

The Scottish Government’s policy, Language learning in Scotland: a 1+2 approach (Scottish Government, May 2012), is aimed at ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn a modern language from P1 onwards. Additionally, each child should have the right to learn a second modern language from P5 onwards. The policy should be fully implemented across the country by 2020.

The following documents are relevant to the 1+2 policy in Primary:

L3 audit tools for use in primary and secondary contexts

Education Scotland, (July 2016)

​These tools are aimed at primary and secondary practitioners and will help practitioners to gauge whether their proposals fulfil the criteria to provide a suitable L3 experience.

Access resource

1+2 languages: progress from first to second level

Education Scotland, (July 2016)

This is a suite of advice, frameworks and resources to support primary teachers to plan for depth and progression in modern language learning experiences. These resources were developed in conjunction with primary practitioners who deliver L2 and L3 experiences.

This resource is for primary practitioners engaged in delivering modern languages as an L2 or L3 experience. It should be used in conjunction with the Significant Aspects of Learning in modern languages. This resource supplements the advice in the modern languages Principles and Practice paper. It supports practitioners in evaluating effectively children’s progress in language learning.

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Modern Languages Experiences and Outcomes at First Level

Education Scotland, Education Scotland (March 2015)

These First Level Experiences and Outcomes will allow practitioners delivering languages as part of the Scottish Government 1+2 policy to benchmark learners’ progress in the skills of listening and talking, reading and writing.

Education Scotland have published a PowerPoint to support the reflection on and engagement with the newly updated Experiences and Outcomes, which can also be accessed through the link below.

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A 1+2 approach to language learning - Further guidance on L3 within the 1+2 policy

Education Scotland, Education Scotland (February 2015)

This document provides guidance on the second additional language (L3) to be introduced by P5 by the latest, as a key element of the 1+2 policy. Learning a further language will give additional opportunities to build on children’s literacy skills so that they develop a greater understanding of how language works.

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Language Learning in Scotland: a 1+2 Approach - Working within the recommendations

Education Scotland, Education Scotland (July 2014)

1+2 clarification and recommendations for schools and EAs. July 2014 update.

Language Learning in Scotland: a 1+2 Approach - Further guidance on continuity of learning from P7 into S1

Education Scotland, Education Scotland (July 2014)

This paper provides an amendment to Recommendation 8 of the 1+2 report on continuity of L2 and L3 from P5-P7 into S1.

1 + 2 Approach to language delivery from P1 to P7

Education Scotland, Education Scotland (July 2014)

This document provides further guidance for practitioners who are planning learning and teaching from P1 to P7. It includes suggested approaches to learning and teaching, including approaches to Knowledge about Language at each primary stage.

A 1+2 approach to language learning: Guidance from P1

Education Scotland, Education Scotland (December 2013)

This online guidance features a zip file at the bottom of the landing page which includes a document outlining first steps to embedding additional language learning in the curriculum. Though badged for P1, this guidance is suitable for any teacher who is embarking on teaching a language for the first time or any class starting to learn a language for the first time, regardless of stage.

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To access all documents, recommendations and resources relating to the 1+2 policy, visit the 1+2 section of the SCILT website.
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