Guidance on NAR

Are you bamboozled by NAR? Do you need help to find materials relevant to language teaching? SCILT has developed a PowerPoint to guide you through the suggested assessment approaches that focus on Modern Languages.

NAR is Scotland’s National Assessment Resource, and SCILT’s flexible PowerPoint will support practitioners to:

  • Explore NAR and the story so far in populating it (with particular reference to Modern Languages)
  • Consider how NAR might be used to support learning, teaching and assessment
  • Develop a better understanding of how NAR supports Moderation
  • Trigger further thinking and discussion on approaches to assessment

Download the PowerPoint - NAR familiarisation - Modern Languages

You may find it helpful to visit our page of FAQs on NAR.

How to use this PowerPoint

How this is used will vary according to the needs of the individual or group. It could be used by individuals in order to identify and locate specific areas of NAR. It could also be used by departments, cluster groups or networks to stimulate professional discussion about learning, teaching and assessment and support Moderation. You can use this PowerPoint as a 'dip in' resource, or you can work through all the slides, whatever meets your needs best. It may take more than one session.

SCILT has included helpful user notes within the PowerPoint. Please read them in conjunction with the slides.

The PowerPoint is set out in key areas:

  • What is NAR?
  • What are the purposes of NAR?
  • Using NAR to understand assessment and support moderation.
  • Use of NAR in Local Authorities
  • What are the functions of NAR?
  • Accessing and finding materials on NAR.
  • Populating NAR. The story so far…

Self reflection and evaluation

By the end of the session(s), it might be helpful to reflect on the extent to which you: 

  • have a better understanding of NAR?
  • feel more familiar with available guidance about NAR?
  • feel more confident in accessing appropriate resources from NAR?
  • have a better understanding of how NAR supports learning, teaching and assessment?
  • have a better understanding of how NAR supports moderation?

The team at SCILT hope this resource helps you navigate the NAR. We are always keen to receive feedback on the materials we produce and any comments on the usefulness of the presentation would be welcome. Please email

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