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    Mother Tongue Other Tongue Glasgow 2014-15

    On Saturday 7 March 2015 our MTOT stars were invited to a special celebration event in the Burns room of the Mitchell Library. This event was one of many taking place in the library as part of the Wee Write children’s book festival.

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    picture of the Poet-tree

    As the event drew to a close, our stars and guests were invited to leave comments on sticky leaves around our poetrees.

    Many expressed great enjoyment at what had been a fantastic celebration.

    You can visit our MTOT Celebration Event webpage to find out more about the day itself, but below are some of the comments they left around the poetrees:


    MTOT Stars:

    • I had a great time writing the poem and getting my prize was exciting. 
    • I loved the competition 
    • Brilliant time 
    • Good day 
    • My mind was utterly blown by the fact that I got as far as I actually did. 
    • I had the best time and I want to do it again 
    • That was an amazing expression of languages 
    • Wonderful! Thank you! 
    • A me e piacuto tutto il gioco (I liked the whole of the competition) 
    • I really enjoyed today and it makes me more eager to learn and write in different languages 
    • Thank you for the prize. I feel happy for this day.

    We hope to see our MTOT stars from 2014-15 take part again in 2015-16  when the competition goes national.

    Other attendee feedback:

    • Molto bene! (Very good!)
    • Bardzo interesujące (very interesting)
    • Molto interesante e vivace (very interesting and lively)
    • Ye daa se (Thank you) (Akan-Twi)
    • What a lovely morning! I was so proud of all of my pupils
    • Today in the Mitchell Library was awesome
    • Great music and words! Thank you
    • Really enjoyed
    • Dziękujemy bardzo! Fantastyczny. (Thank you very much! Fantastic)
    • I thought today was brilliant because there was singing and prize giving
    • Super! Wspaniała atmosfera, cudowna muzyka roznych narodowości. (Great! Great atmosphere and music of all nationalities.)
    • Twas very braw! I wish such an event was held when I was a wee lad. The kids were great as was the poetry and music. SCILT did a fantastic job
    • So talented children! Well done!
    • Fantastico
    • Dziekujemy! Dzieciaki ktore mowia wiecej niz jednym jezykiem to bohaterowie! (Thank you! Kids that speak more than one language are heroes!)
    • What a lovely competition to celebrate the gift of language
    • It was great! Foi genial!
    • Amazing day

    For updates and information on Mother Tongue Other Tongue 2015-16, sign up to the SCILT e-bulletin. Or for more general information about the competition, see our MTOT 2015-16 homepage.

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