The Attainments of Pupils Receiving Gaelic-medium


Richard Johnstone (Co-ordinator), University of Stirling, Wynne Harlen, SCRE, Edinburgh, Morag MacNeil, Leirsinn, Isle of Skye, Bob Stradling, Leirsinn, Isle of Skye, Graham Thorpe, SCRE, Edinburgh








The report presents and discusses the attainment of pupils in Scottish primary schools during the years 1996-1998 who were educated through the medium of the Gaelic language. In addition to commenting on their attainment in Gaelic, it compares their attainment in science, mathematics and English with that of pupils who were educated through the medium of the English language. The report shows that pupils receiving Gaelic-medium primary education were not disadvantaged when compared with their English-medium counterparts in the same schools, the same authorities and nationally, and that in fact in certain areas (especially writing in English) they had a clear advantage.


Final Report published by Scottish CILT on behalf of the Scottish Executive Education Department, 1999, £12.00, ISBN 1 898689 05 9



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