Charlotte Grainger

Charlotte is in Honduras with Project Trust. She is linked with Bannockburn High School in Stirling.

Things I hear in Kindergarten.

My Spanish has been improving as well as my pupils' English and I hope your Spanish has been improving too! So I thought I would let you know the top 10 things I hear in the Kindergarten Spanish.

  1. ¿Puedo ir al baño?

  2. No tengo lápiz

  3. ¿Cuántos minutos falta para irnos?

  4. El/ella me pegó

  5. El/ella está peleando conmigo

  6. Quiero agua  

  7. ¿Puedo leer un libro?

  8. ¿Dónde está mi lonchera/sweater/mochila?

  9. ¿Puedes arreglar mis zapatos?

  10. Yo: “ ¿Dónde está su cuaderno?”  Un niño/a: “ Me lo trajé”
The biggest thing I have realized about speaking Spanish here is that Central American Spanish and Spain Spanish are different. I will tell you the differences in my next blog, which will hopefully be sooner than the last one.

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