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Amy is in France with British Council. He is linked with Belmont Academy in South Ayrshire.

La galette des Rois, yum!

Bonjour à tous! Ça va?

I hope you've all had lunch, because if not, this blog is definitely going to make your mouth water!

I've just had my first opportunity to be involved in a fabulous French tradition - eating la galette des Rois (literally, the Kings' cake). This is a type of cake, or tart, which is traditionally eaten around the time of l'épiphanie - the day when, it is believed, les Rois mages, finally arrived at the birthplace of the baby Jesus. This is usually at the beginning of January, however the cake is eaten throughout the whole month, during special gatherings with family and friends. This tradition dates back to the 14th century and there are many different recipes for making la galette. Some are made from la frangipane, others are made with des amandes, but all of them are really, really delicious!

However, the great taste of this cake is not the only important thing about it! In fact, maybe, the most important thing is la fève. When baking the cake, les Français hide a little charm, la fève, inside the cake. Then, when la galette is served, the youngest person present has to go and hide underneath the table and tell whoever is cutting the cake which person should get which piece (they have to hide under the table so they can't see which piece has been cut, ensuring impartiality and fairness).

The person who then finds the charm in their slice of cake becomes the King or Queen - they get to wear une couronne and they can, theoretically, boss their family around for the rest of the day!

However, there's a catch, whoever is le Roi or la Reine this year has to invite everyone to their house for this same celebration the year after.

This french tradition really is a lot of fun and it's the perfect excuse to spend time with your family and friends while eating tasty food. I tried la galette des Rois for the first time this weekend, while I was in a restaurant having a meal with my friends. It felt really lovely to be able to share in this part of french culture! And, just in case talking about cakes didn't make you hungry enough, I'll leave you with this quick description of the restaurant I visited this weekend...

It was called la cagette and it is un restaurant très populaire et à la mode in Bordeaux at the moment, because the menu changes every day, depending on what produce the chefs receive that very morning, so all the ingredients are very fresh! Here are some of the dishes that were on offer when I went:

Les Salades:

Poulet au Sésame, Carottes, Concombre, Chou, Cacahuètes, Coriandre et Sucrine

Morue salée, Œufs, Pommes de terre,;Échalotes, Croûtons, sauce Aïoli

La Cuisine:

Tartare de Bœuf Limousin à l’huile de Truffe et Potimarron, Pommes de terre et Salade

Canard braisé aux Épices, Champignons, Légumes d’Hiver rôtis et Pécans

Pain de Viandes au Bacon, Purée de Pommes de terre, Haricots verts et Carottes

Merlu au Pangrattato, Pommes de terre, Poireaux

Les Desserts:

L'assiette de Fromages

Tarte à la crème de Citron

Tarte au beurre

What do you think of these choices? I had a really hard time choosing what to eat because it all sounded delicious! Would you eat everything on the menu?

And at that, I think it's time to go grab some food! Hope you've enjoyed reading this post, and as always if you have any questions at all just let me know!

A tout à l’heure!

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La galette des Rois, yum!

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