PaiBa! Photo Club

Venue: Feast Restaurant, 292 Sauchiehall Street
Contact: Julia MacBeth
Telephone: 0141 548 6978
Address: 40 Spiers Wharf, Glasgow, G4 9TH
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Event Date: 11/03/2014 18.00

Literally meaning “Shoot it!” in Chinese, PaiBa is one of Ricefield’s new, free monthly meet-ups for keen photographers to enjoy shooting and sharing photos inspired by Chinese photography and culture:

* Chinese inspired photo assignment each month
* Bring your photos along to share views and techniques
* Chat in a relaxed setting at Feast restaurant (upper floor)
* Amateurs and beginners welcome!

Featuring presentations from Chinese photographers Yao Hui, Cui Ying and Guo Xueci.

To join PaiBa please contact
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