Webinar - 'Understanding foreign language learner anxiety'

Venue: Online webinar
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Event Date: 28/01/2019 10:00

We are pleased to announce an upcoming webinar by Dr Christina Gkonou, scheduled for Monday, 28 January 2019, 10am GMT on the topic of 'Understanding foreign language learner anxiety'.

Abstract: Research into foreign language anxiety has shown how pernicious it can be for learners and the extent to which it can negatively influence their academic achievement and psychological well-being inside and outside of class. Anxiety is therefore mainly depicted as a negative emotion. However, there are individuals who, after long-standing battles with anxiety, have managed to significantly control it and overcome it; or they have managed to turn a negative situation into a positive one and reap the benefit of adopting a different mindset. In this workshop we will look at the nature of foreign language learner anxiety and how it has been conceptualised in previous research. We will also consider a range of research methodologies that could be applied to the study of anxiety. 

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