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We will introduce a norm for language learning in schools based on the European Union 1 + 2 model - that is we will create the conditions in which every child will learn two languages in addition to their own mother tongue. This will be rolled out over two Parliaments, and will create a new model for language acquisition in Scotland.
(Scottish Government manifesto commitment, 2011)
The Working Group recommends that schools offer children access to an additional language from Primary 1 and that a second additional language (L3) be introduced for pupils [...] no later than P5.
Language learning in Scotland: A 1+2 approach (Scottish Government, 2012)
By the end of S3, the majority of young people are expected to achieve a level of performance in each language skill which approximates to SCQF level 4. The achievement of fourth level outcomes represents a substantial and useful level of competence closely linked to Basic User level on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).”
Modern Languages: Principles and practice (Education Scotland, 2009)
In secondary schools, there should be opportunities for young people to build on their language learning through their entitlement to language learning in L2 until the end of BGE. Young people are also entitled to an L3 experience within BGE. In the senior phase, young people should be able to study more than one additional language to National Qualification.”
Modern Languages: Principles and practice (Education Scotland, 2009)

This section of our website aims to give school leaders useful statistics and entitlement information that can be referenced to assist the planning for the provision of additional languages in their establishments. Additionally, there are further resources that outline the benefits that young people gain from learning a language and information that highlights the importance of language learning to business and the wider economy.

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