Sarah Black

Sarah is in Spain on her year abroad from University of Aberdeen. She is linked with Newtonhill Primary School in Aberdeenshire.

Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone!

This is just a quick post to say hello! I’ll have a longer one answering some of your questions about School life in Spain soon.

I hope you had a fantastic break for the tattie holidays, I was teaching the kids here about that and they found it very funny that we call them “Tattie holidays”!

Life in Spain is good, it’s very warm still. How’s the weather in Newtonhill??

Here are some pictures I took on a day off when I went up to the famous Windmills or Molinos de Viento!

By the time you are reading this Halloween will be over, did you have fun? Did you go out guising?

We’ve been talking about Halloween a lot this week, I learned some new words for Halloween that I would like to share with you!

Recently in Spain they started to celebrate Halloween, but my friend told me that 10 years ago the main celebration was the day after, the 1st November. It was called the Día de los Santos and it’s still a national holiday now! People get the day off from work and school to visit cemeteries and pay their respects to dead relatives.

Nowadays kids in Spain se disfrazan in costumes like a vampiro, fantasma, bruja o esqueletos. Do you know what these words mean?  

Disfrazarse is a verb which means to dress up.

Can you use your dictionaries to figure out what the popular costumes are?

Kids go out and ask their neighbours for truco o trato and get caramelos.

You can also buy calabazas in supermarkets to carve into Jack-o-lanterns but not many people do that here.

What do you think the words in bold mean? Do they look similar to the English versions of them?

Older kids don’t often go out to truco o trato but they do go to fiestas with friends or they watch scary films.

Do you have any questions for the kids here about Halloween? Or about the Día de los Santos?

I hope you have a great week!




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