Ross Brown

Ross is in Spain on his year abroad from University of Stirling. He is linked with Beath High School in Fife.

Primeros meses en Sevilla

Guys, how are you doing? So, here I am finally getting in touch with you after unos meses locos. Things are great here in Seville, but don't be fooled - its not always 30 degrees! Por las mañanas y las noches hace mucho frío, pero no pasa nada porque dentro de unos meses volverán los días de 40 grados cada día! Qué calor!!

So, anyway, here's how it's gone so far.

One of the the really cool things I've been able to do here is meet the managers of both Sevilla FC and Real Betis, the two big equipos de fútbol here!

Eduardo Berizzo, manager of Sevilla FC

Quique Setién, manager of Real Betis

Que experiencia!

This is a really cool place I went to a while ago. It's called Ronda. It's a small town right in the middle of nowhere and it has a huge puente in the middle of it!

Just this weekend me and mi novia went on a big trip to Asturias! Its a Spanish comunidad in the very north of Spain, therefore it is a lot colder and is very green like Scotland! Do you know what the difference is between comunidades and provincias in Spain?

Espero que os hayan gustado las fotos! Do any of you recognise some of the places? Maybe your teacher might be able to tell you more about Ronda or Asturias, or you could do some research of your own ;) Remember, this is an opportunity that any of you could have one day and hopefully this blog will give you an idea of what it's like living abroad!

I'll be back in touch soon. Hasta luego!!


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