Roberta Dumitriu

Roberta is in France on her year abroad from University of Dundee. She is linked with South Muir Primary School in Angus.

Greetings from Grenoble

Bonjour à vous! 

It has been a while now since I left Dundee and I believe it or not I have so much to tell you! I hope you are as excited as I am :). First of all, let me tell you how wonderful the weather has been. It feels like summer despite heading to November now. This makes me so happy and energetic all the time which is beneficial as Grenoble has a lot to offer. Je suis entourée by the mountains bathing in the sun. I love the fresh cool mornings and the view of the Alps which greet me chaque jour.    

Enough with my daydreaming...Let me tell you a bit about my new life here and how it started. At first, it felt a bit overwhelming until I got to know the place a bit more, until I got accustomed to my new home, until I realised that I was not alone in this situation, or not the only one feeling overwhelmed. I have met so many students confronting the same difficulties as me a fact which has made the first couple of weeks so much nicer because we decided to support and help each other out. Avez- vous des amis?

Despite not being here for a very long time I think I became more aware of the cultural differences in a more direct way between the French, the Scottish and the Romanian. It is fascinating also to reflect on similarities between different cultures. Par exemple, in both France and Romania the shops are closed on Sunday (You really don't want to run out of milk on a Sunday :)), whereas in Scotland most of the shops are open on Sundays. Luckily, la plupart of the Museums in Grenoble, are open on Sunday which gives you a good option for a relaxing Sunday.

Last Sunday I went to the local market where les agriculteurs locaux sell their products mostly fruits and vegetables. I had to remember all des fruits et des légumes.  

- la carotte

- la cerise

- le chou

-le chou-fleur

-la pêche

-la poire

-la tomate 

-la pomme 

-la pomme de terre


-le concombre

-le poivron 


What is your favourite fruit/ vegetable in French? 

Here are some pictures of Grenoble, the local market (me buying tomatoes) and my plant Fred, next to the Scottish companion. More to come. I hope you are all well and looking forward to reading your comments. 

All the best,





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