Lauren Dorward

Lauren is in France and Spain on her year abroad from University of Aberdeen. She is linked with Aboyne Academy in Aberdeenshire.

La Réunion

Bonjour à tous!

I’ve now been living in La Réunion for a whole month, and what a month it has been. Classes started two weeks ago, and although they are all in French, they mostly seem to be at an easier level than my classes in Scotland. I am really enjoying my stay here, although I’ve found a few unexpected guests in my room… In my first week I discovered a lizard hiding in my cereal, and last weekend I found a cockroach in the shower!

I began my adventure at Glasgow airport with a rather heavy suitcase. The journey from Scotland to Saint-Denis was quite long – I’ve written out the times of my flights in French, can you translate them into English?

16 août            Glasgow                                  –                Paris (Charles de Gaulle) 
Dix heures quarante                      Treize heures trente-cinq      

16-17 août       Paris (Orly)                             –                 Saint-Denis
        Vingt-et-une heures vingt               Dix heures quinze


Since my arrival, I’ve been getting to know the island. One of the places I like to visit is the marché nearby. You can buy so many different types of fruit and vegetables there, and there are a few which are completely new to me, such as cœur de bœuf and sapote noire. Here is a list of fruits I have tried:
-des oranges
-des fraises
-une noix de coco
-une papaye
-des fruits de la passion
-un ananas
-une mangue
How many of these have you tried? Which fruits are your favourite?


I'm kept very busy during the week because I have so many classes. At the weekend, I like to visit new places – although the island is small there are a lot of things to do. This is what a typical day might be like:
À sept heures, je me réveille. Je me douche et après je prends le petit déjeuner. Normalement les cours commencent vers huit heures. Je prends le déjeuner à midi – en général je mange un sandwich ou une omelette. L’après-midi, j’ai du temps libre après des cours, et j’aime aller au supermarché. Le soir je prépare le dîner, je fais mes devoirs et je me couche tôt.


The reason I go to bed early is because the sun has already set by 6pm! It will set at about the same time the whole year round (maybe at 7pm in the summer), which is a little strange to me. However, I have a nice view of les couchers de soleil every night, as my room looks onto the mountains.


Next time I write to you I hope to talk about the different activities I have done so far. If you have any questions then I’ll do my best to answer!

Best wishes,


(PS – answers and translations are all below)







Answers and translations

Bonjour a tous!                                              Hello everyone!
Le marche                                                        The market
Cœur de bœuf                                                A fruit with many seeds inside
Sapote noire                                                   A fruit which is dark brown inside
Des oranges                                                    Oranges
Des fraises                                                       Strawberries
Une noix de coco                                           A coconut
Une papaya                                                     A papaya
Des fruits de la passion                                Passion fruits    
Un ananas                                                       A pineapple
Une mangue                                                   A mango
Le coucheur de soleil                                    The sunset

16th August                      Glasgow                                  –        Paris (Charles de Gaulle)
                                        10:40am                                            1:35pm

16th-17th August              Paris (Orly)                             –        Saint-Denis
        9:20pm                                              10:15am

At seven o’clock, I wake up. I take a shower and afterwards I have breakfast. Normally classes start at about eight o’clock. I have lunch at midday – I generally eat a sandwich or an omelette. In the afternoon I have some free time after class, and I like to go to the supermarket. I cook dinner, I do my homework, and I go to bed early.

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