Françoise Borderie

Françoise is in Italy on her year abroad from University of St Andrews. She is linked with Holyrood Secondary School in Glasgow.

Già un mese!

 25/10/2017 -   15:28

Ciao Hollyrood!

Come va? I hope you are all well. 

Well, I can't quite lo credo, but I've now been in Italia for 1 month! The time has absolutely flown by and I've got so much to update you on.

The first few days were quite difficile, being away from home and my family, but I am absolutely loving it adesso

Piazza De Ferrari 

I have explored Genova quite a lot, been to the spiaggia a few times and eaten a lot of aperitivo, pasta and pizza! (Aperitivo is the best concept ever, you buy a bibita in the evening, like fresh orange juice and you get an assortment of snack food with it, all for about 6 euros! It's a nice, not too expensive way to go out for cibo with amici



I have also tried paddle boarding for the prima volta and managed not to fall in! Il posto where I went, Camogli, has crystal clear water and the further out we went on the boards the more fish we saw, it was incredibile!

I have started lessons at my scuola and am really enjoying teaching. Insegno a range of pupils, all abilities and ages, from 13 to 19.  The first question they often ask me is quanti anni hai! Being only 19, I am the same age as some of them which they find comico! 

Because I am only teaching for 12 hours a week (which works out at less than 3 hours a day!) I have a lot of free time (although I do also have to prepare my lessons which takes a while perchè I have never taught before. Allora, I signed up at the university in Genova and take 1 class a week in Diritto Internazionale! The teaching is all in Italian so it is quite hard to capire, but it is a great experience. 

Four times a week, nelle serate, I also play hockey with a local hockey club. The girls are all lovely and all the training is in Italian so it is good practise for my Italian as well! It is quite hard work because if we miss the goal sometimes we have to do 10 flessioni! Genova is a very hilly city, there are a lot of steep inclines and descents and UN SACCO DI SCALE, but where I play hockey is up in the hills and la vista down to the port is amazing!

Every time I go to the beach or go out to eat I try to go somewhere new because I think un anno all'estero is all about trying new things and having new esperienze. As a result of this, I have probably tried over 10 different ice cream flavours! I think my favourite is nocciola, closely followed by fior di latte.

Per la stessa ragione, trying and visiting new places and things, questo weekend I am going to go to Nice and Monaco with some friends! Sono mai andata before, so I am very excited. I am also trying to go to ventuno countries before I am 21, so Monaco will count as another country closer to my scopo! Being in the north of Italy, I am so well placed in Genova that Francia, Svizzera e Austria aren't far away. I am going to get a Flixbus for meno di 26 euros (return) and we are going to stay in a hostel. 

Well I think that's all for now, fammi sapere if you have any questions you want me to answer or things you want me to do e.g. what is your typical day like? 


Frankie :)

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