Elise Downie

Elise is in France on her year abroad from University of Strathclyde. She is linked with Marr College in South Ayrshire.

French Daily Life

Bonjour tout le monde! It’s been a while since my first message to you all but after some hectic few weeks I’m finally all settled in Bordeaux.

The IKEA trip went well! Except for when my dad and I were desperately trying to fit my bed into our rental car. We genuinely didn’t think it was going to fit at one point!

It’s been strange adapting to French daily life, the norms here can be so different to back home. For example, restaurants will open for déjeuner between 12 and 3pm and then close until half 6 or 7pm when they reopen for dîner. It’s taken me a while to get used to not being able to eat whenever I want! Also, on Sundays and Mondays a lot of shops, businesses, cafes and restaurants are closed. I previously thought that this only happened in smaller villages but even big towns like Bordeaux still keep these traditions!

The primary school and nursery where I work is very different too. It’s really big and is laid out more like a high school than a primary. There are 3 floors with long corridors with nothing except for the classrooms on one side; maybe not as appealing as our schools with big open areas! The school day is more unusual too. School starts at half 8 in the morning and finishes at 4pm every day except Wednesday. This might sound like a much longer day but children in France get a 2 hour lunch! And a half day every Wednesday! Would you prefer if Scottish schools were like that?

The children have been really fun so far. Although it’s really hard trying to explain where Scotland is to them, to many of them the UK is just England. And one person seemed to think Scotland was South Africa! More than once children have thought that I was from Corsica because Ecosse sounds a lot like en Corse.

Where I live is very close to the famous food market Marché des Capucins and I hope to send you a video of it very soon. It’s busy, loud and has every type of fruit or veg you could ever want! Do any of you have any questions for me? Is there anywhere you would like me to go or something you would like me to find out?

À bientôt!                                                                                                        


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