Katie Dominy

Katie is in France on her year abroad from University of St Andrews. She is linked with Bell Baxter High School in Fife.

Food, Glorious Food!

Bonjour, 2G!

Ça va? Moi, j'adore ma vie en France! J'aime mon université, j'ai des amis de beaucoup de pays différents, et la nourriture française... C'est fantastique! Il y a beaucoup de restaurants à Paris, donc il y a beaucoup de choix.    


De beaucoup de pays différents - From lots of different countries.

La nourriture - Food.

Choix - Choice.

Hello, everyone! How are you? I hope that you are enjoying the school year, and that the weather back home in Scotland isn't too winter-y and cold just yet - although my family tell me that it is! 

In this blog post, I want to share some of my food experiences with you. The food here in Paris is truly amazing - whether you go to a huge, famous restaurant, a kiosk that sells crêpes at the side of a boulevard, or you find a tiny restaurant the size of a small living room hidden away in a small street... There are so many options, and you can find French food, food from all over the world, and sometimes even mixtures of the two!

I've attached some photographs to show you (some of them have uploaded sideways, but if you right click on them and open them in a new tab, they flip the correct way again!) The first picture is of my friend Dominique and I having le petit déjeuner in a café called Le Pain Quotidien (which means 'The Daily Bread'). We had: du jus d'orange, du pain, du chocolat chaud, et deux pains au chocolat! C'était délicieux! 

The second picture is of a savory crêpe I had for dinner in a special Crêperie... A Star Wars Crêperie that some of my friends from university found! I told you that Paris has weird and wonderful places to eat! Inside the crêpe, there is du jambon, du fromage de chèvre, et du miel. As you can see, the crêpe was HUGE! I definitely didn't need any dessert.

The third picture is from one of my favourite restaurants in Paris. It's an Asian burger restaurant, and it is right next to the Seine. The burgers have Far Eastern-flavoured meat and spices (Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai), and then the meat is put in a burger! Aussi, il y a des frites avec du ketchup et de la mayonnaise. 

The fourth picture is a pitta bread pocket filled with falafel, hummus, spicy sauce, and vegetables. It is from one of the older quarters of the city, and I sometimes go there in the evening after my classes. The architecture is absolutely beautiful! This photograph was taken on one of these occasions, and you can see someone hurrying home in the background!

In the fifth picture: Le bifteck. Avec des frites. Mmmmmm.....

The sixth picture is of my favourite French dessert, Crème Brûlée. The pot is filled with cool, vanilla flavoured custard, and the top is covered with hardened caramel. You can find it in restaurants in Scotland. If you have the chance to try it, I would seriously recommend it!

You can see a selection of cakes my friends and I picked from a local Pâtisserie in the seventh picture- you can find these little shops all over the city.

And lastly, the eighth picture shows you a wonderful breakfast I had at a famous restaurant called Angelina. It's a salon de thé (a tea parlour/tearoom), and you can see du chocolat chaud, de la confiture, des croissants, et des pains au chocolat.


Le petit déjeuner - Breakfast.

Du jus d'orange - Orange juice.

Du pain - Bread.

Du chocolat chaud - Hot chocolate.

C'était délicieux - It was delicious. 

Crêpe - a bit like a pancake, but better! They are thinner than normal pancakes. A Crêperie is a shop that specialises in making them.

Du jambon - Ham.

Du fromage de chèvre - Goat's cheese.

Du miel - Honey.

Des frites - Chips.

Le bifteck - Steak.

Pâtisserie - Fancy cake shop.

De la confiture - Jam.

Eating in Paris is an adventure! It is expensive, so I only do it as a treat. But when I do, it is often the highlight of my week!

I hope you're not too hungry after thinking about all of these fantastic feasts!

À bientôt!


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Food, Glorious Food! Food, Glorious Food! Food, Glorious Food! Food, Glorious Food! Food, Glorious Food! Food, Glorious Food! Food, Glorious Food! Food, Glorious Food!

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