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Iain is in France on his year abroad from University of St Andrews. He is linked with Dunfermline High School in Fife.

Un tourbillon d'activité!

Salut tout le monde !

First of all huge apologies for the lack of contact since my last post but I’ve been up to lots of exciting things in Paris and elsewhere in France that I’d like to fill you in on…

En plus, exciting news but I’m extending my stay here until the start of September so feel free to stay in contact throughout May and June!

Au petit écran

Just before Christmas I had the chance to be in the studio audience of a French politics TV show called "C Politique, Polémique" which was very cool. I have always been interested in being part of a studio audience and it was interesting to see how the filming took place. It was a situation I had never been in before so it stretched mes compétences linguistiques and I had to pay extra attention and listen to the TV producers and camera operators for over three hours of heated debate! I must admit it was difficult to remain focused for all the filming but I made it through and I’m already looking forward to the next chance to appear on screen!

C’est les vacances !

J’étais en vacances during the first two weeks in February and I decided to head south to the town of Lyon, Annecy and Chamonix (can you find them on the map?) If you remember when I visited your class last September, one of you asked if I could visit Mont Blanc to tell you about it? Well I did just that! The skiing town of Chamonix is right next to Mont Blanc and my friends and I took a cable car to the Aiguille de Midi to get direct views of the Mont Blanc summit! It was so high up at 3842m above sea level that I started to feel a little light headed! C’était vraiment chouette to get out of Paris and see the diversity of different regions of France. In particular, a highlight was hiring some bikes and taking them for a spin around the huge lake at Annecy – it was a change from the pollution and busy city life in Paris!

La ville de culture

While it might be easy to get carried away in the hustle and bustle of Paris, I have been trying to find time each week to try new museums and go to events! One of my favourites, and one that drew a lot of attention both in France and in the UK, was at the Palais de Tokyo where the performance artist Abraham Poincheval s’est enfermé dans une pierre for 8 whole days! Check out the links to both the BBC article and one from Le Nouvel Obs for pictures. See if you can work out what he was doing! Going to weird and wonderful events like these reminds me about how learning French has opened doors for me: I first heard of this event while watching télématin and by now I definitely feel more like a local everyday!



Un nouveau travail

Time has gone by quicker than I would ever have imagined but I will soon be finished teaching in my school! I’ll update you more on my reflections on working here in my next post but please send me any questions you have!

On the other hand, I’ve found un stage for the summer in the centre of Paris! It will be a big change but I’m really looking forward to getting an insight into the French office environment! Do they have tea breaks? Will I have my own desk? And most importantly how long do I get for lunch? I’ll try and keep you all updated!

La pop française

Enfin, I thought I’d share some French pop music qui me trottent dans la tête. One artist that I like in particular is called Vianney who has had lots of success with his song ‘Je m’en vais’. Despite it being a great catchy song, it also helps me remember the order of French pronouns! Win-win! I’ve linked the song below!

A plus!

Key Vocab // Mots Clés

Un tourbillon d'activité - A whirlwind of activity

En plus – Moreover / What’s more

Au petit écran – On the small screen

Compétences linguistiques – Language skills

C’est les vacances – It’s the holidays

J’étais en vacances – I was on holiday

C’était vraiment chouette – It was really great!

S’est enfermé dans une pierre – Shut himself inside a rock

Un nouveau travail – A new job

Enfin – finally

Qui me trottent dans la tête – which is stuck in my head

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