Gillian McCloy

Gillian is in Spain on her year abroad from University of Stirling. She is linked with St Margaret Mary's Secondary in Glasgow.

Semana Santa

Hola Chicos

¿Que tal? Cuanto tiempo... 

I hope that you had a great Easter holiday! Two weeks relaxing is just what you will have needed.  Here in Malaga we just had the one week, but don't feel too bad for us. (We did have a week off in February "Semana Blanca".) Did you know it is called "Semana Santa" or Holy week?  Throughout this week there are processions and celebrations throughout the cities and villages all over the country which celebrate the death and resurection of Jesus. These start at 8 o'clock at night and some don't finish until 2 or 3 in the morning. 

You can find some links on YouTube that will give you an idea of what these processions are like.

For me, it was really quite amazing. As you can see, the streets were really quite crowded; the smell of incense was heady and added to the sombre ambience. 

Before we went along to see the processions, we were advised not to take anything with us: a few euros and to keep mobile phones etc very close. Although this was a religious procession, many people had been pick-pocketed before.  

Resultado de imagen de limon cascaruo

Above you can see a picture of a child holding a ball of wax... una bola de cera. This is a tradition in Malaga where children walk up to penitentes and ask them to pour wax onto these ball shaped wax from their candles (velas)   They return each year and ask them to pour more and more onto it so it can be made bigger and bigger. 

Traditional dishes and pasties (platos y postres): we tried torrijas, which is a sort of french toast I guess. I think this would be easy enough to try at home and I am pretty sure that all of you will have the ingedients in the cupboard. I made my own at home... they were pretty good, but the ones we had in a cafe were amazing!

Do you reckon that you could make them? Or maybe ask your parents to make them?

I didn't try these but I saw them on the street: limones cascaruoResultado de imagen de limon cascaruo

These were heated over a sort of grill (parrilla) and then sprinkled with salt. The lemons are enormous and these are only usually available during Semana Santa. Do you think that you would want to try them???

We had amazing weather. It was so hot... I think it got as hot as 29 degrees here! Many an ice cream was enjoyed and we frequently went down to the beach.  

One of the issues... I would say with Fuengirola is that during "school" holiday times it is absolutely mobbed. We could hardly get a spot down at the beach. Now that many people have returned home it´s lovely and quiet again and the calm has returned. It is nice that so many people come here to enjoy the beach and the weather but it is often left in a bit of a mess. Fuengirola often becomes a lot more noisy and a lot more dirty.  It seems that when many  holiday makers come here there seems to be a total lack of respect for the town... It is a bit of a pity and a bit of a shame. It´s pretty embarassing. Many  refused to even say "gracias" and everything was communicated in English.  This is just something I had been thinking about and I wanted to know your thoughts on this. 

Anyway,  this weekend I am going to the Valancia vs Malaga football game.  I reckon that they are doing pretty well. I am pretty sure that they are playing Atletico Madrid in May. Let me know what you think of them, or if you can even maybe watch some of the game over the weekend?

I am going to write another blog at the end of April / begining of May because there is a massive international festival here at the Recinto Ferial in Fuengirola. (I have been told I won't sleep!) 

Anyway chicos ciao

¡escríbeme pronto!  

¿que pasa?

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