Supporting teachers in the classroom

The breadth of our population enables fascinating opportunities for young people to learn and to have their attitudes formed at a very early stage about the importance of being able to have a command of a range of different languages.
(Interview with Deputy First Minister, February 2017)
The Working Group recommends that schools and local authorities consider the engagement by schools of other skilled and trained native speakers of additional languages to work under the direct and explicit supervision of the classroom teacher in schools. (Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach, p33)
External Partnerships both at home and abroad (local businesses/Foreign Language Assistants/e-twinning etc) greatly enhance the relevance and enjoyment of Modern Languages. (Modern Languages Excellence Report, p23)
  • Using native speakers
  • German Educational Trainees (GETs)
  • Role of Cultural Organisations
  • Business partnerships
  • Parents as partners

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