June 2017

Dear colleagues

As we draw near to the end of session 2016/17, we should reflect on how far we have come as a community since the launch of Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 approach. When we consider the amount of professional learning that teachers have embraced in order to realise the recommendations of the policy, we can only be impressed by their commitment to ensuring positive outcomes for their learners. Furthermore, the cross-sector collaboration across Scotland is very evident and has attracted attention from across the UK and beyond.

However, as we enter the final stages of the implementation period, there remains much crucial work to be done to firmly embed language learning in the Scottish curriculum. The SCILT team is considering the best ways for us to offer professional learning opportunities that will have maximum impact on children and young people. Train the Trainer has been redesigned and relaunched as The 1+2 Languages Leadership Programme with a much closer focus on developing leadership skills so that key people in local authorities are empowered to become powerful advocates for language learning. Building on the 1+2 events held in partnership with Education Scotland in June 2017, SCILT will be offering a suite of follow-up professional learning activities across the seven inter-authority areas throughout session 2017/18. Amongst other things, they will give practitioners the time and space to discuss best ways of ensuring that the secondary curriculum builds on the prior learning achieved in primary and will encourage reflection on ways to promote transition into the senior phase and beyond. We will be in touch with development officers to get their advice and guidance about how best to meet the needs of teachers in their local contexts.

SCILT will shortly send out a call for stakeholders and partners to become SCILT Associates. This will give us a network of key people working in schools, local authorities, colleges, universities and wider society on whom we can call to share their learning, practice and expertise. If you think you might want to consider joining us as an associate, then please keep your eyes on the e-bulletin.

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about the activities of SCILT, the annual report for session 2016/17 and the strategic plan for 2017/18 are about to be published on our website. Any comments or suggestions are always gratefully received.

All that remains now if for me to wish you a very pleasant summer. The SCILT team and I look forward to working with you in session 2017/18.

Fhiona Mackay, Director

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