Inaugural regional hub meetings took place during September at the universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Strathclyde respectively. Staff from primary and secondary schools, FE and HE, PhD students, as well as representatives from the cultural organisations, Education Scotland and the Scottish Government, gathered to hold initial discussions on future joint initiatives. Each university also has a number of promotional initiatives particular to them, including the popular Language Ambassador scheme. We also considered how research and professional enquiry might develop within the regions and the direction that future meetings might take. For example, we want to investigate possibilities of:

  • funding for individuals to work together on collaborative cross-sector research/enquiry to strengthen the teaching and learning of languages, and
  • professional recognition and accreditation for any enquiry undertaken.

A second round of regional hub meetings took place.

During 2015-16, SCILT and UCMLS collaborated on the following initiatives:

In addition, UCMLS and OU organised:
  • 'Enhancing Employability through Language Skills and Intercultural Learning' - The Open University in Scotland Languages team held this event on 8 June 2016 which brought together colleagues from college, public and private sectors to highlight the importance of language learning and intercultural knowledge for employability and the world of work. The event report can be accessed by clicking the title link above.

The University Council for Modern Languages (UCML) is the overarching national organisation which represents the interests of Modern Languages, Linguistics and Cultural and Area Studies in Higher Education throughout the United Kingdom, and works with corresponding bodies in other countries. Within this context, the University Council for Modern Languages Scotland (UCMLS) coordinates all additional actions and resources, that are relevant for Scotland.

Following on from the Engage with Strathclyde event in May 2015, UCMLS set up four regional cross-sector hubs tying in with the location of the UCMLS universities (where languages are still taught as a degree or as part of a degree) as per below:


University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Napier University, Open University


University of Glasgow, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), University of the West of Scotland (UWS)


University of Dundee, University of St Andrews, University of Stirling


University of Aberdeen, University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)

The aims of the hubs are two-fold:

  1. offer teachers and 1+2 stakeholders the opportunity to meet with languages and languages education staff from FE/HE to plan joint promotional initiatives in support of language learning and
  2. collaborate on research or professional enquiry projects. The overarching goal is to support the implementation of the Scottish Government’s 1+2 language policy.

Dates and venues for the meetings will be communicated via SCILT’s e-bulletin and social media.

  • Cross-sector Events 2016-17
  • Cross-sector Events 2015-16

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