Planning and materials from pilot schools

The pilot schools had different aims and were supported in different ways. For full details of the individual projects read the evaluations on our Implementation webpage.

The following sections contain some of the plans and materials used by four of the pilot primary schools during their projects. All of these resources are downloadable, they can be used and/or adapted as necessary.

If you are having problems downloading any of the documents, please email SCILT.

At Tough Primary in Aberdeenshire, Chinese was taught as the second additional language (L3) in the P4-7 class. 

The class teacher had previously attended a Chinese immersion course. In addition, the council had boxes of resources that were available for loan to schools. The Tianjin teacher from the North East Confucius Hub visited the school regularly and the class teacher was supported by staff and resources from CISS, Confucius Institute for Scotland’s Schools

The following documents are examples of the planning that went into the learning and teaching of Chinese at Tough Primary.

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese

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